1. An experienced business man set up a joint venture with another business colleague. In order to obtain funding he gave a personal guarantee to a major bank. The business became insolvent and he faced a seven figure claim from his bankers. Riverview Consultants along with his legal team got this figure reduced by 80%!

  2. Property Company was due its bankers over £2m in loans. After reviewing all the documentation from its lenders and working with the client’s legal advisors the matter was settled at 35% of the debt.
  1. Client was threatened with sequestration by HMRC. Our Tax team reviewed the client’s position and was able to secure a payment plan along with the reduction of penalties due to HMRC accepting that our client had a reasonable excuse.

  2. HMRC compliance officers attempted to class valid sub contractors as employees. With the assistance of our employment consultants we were able to demonstrate that they were valid sub contractors, reducing a five figure assessment to Nil!
  1. Established business was given three months by its bankers to reduce its overdraft to 20% of its agreed level. They stated they were no longer working in this sector. We were able to obtain a Private equity funding package to ensure the client’s business continued.

  2. A partnership was told that its lending package would not be renewed. We put together a new funding package that gave the business a solid base to expand its operations.
  1. Our client was a sub-contractor in a major construction contract. The main contractor made a claim against our client stating that his work was defective. Working with our client’s Insurers we were able to establish that the claim was due to a design flaw and our client was not liable.

  2. A window manufacturer made and fitted a number of windows for a listed building. The client was advised that they did not comply with the relevant building regulations and so withheld payment. Our specialist construction team was able to satisfy both the client and the local authority that the windows did in fact comply and full payment plus our costs were paid.