Business Consultants

Riverview Consultants have over 30 years experience in dealing with dispute resolution. Whether dealing with HMRC or the major banks/finance companies their aim is to resolve the position favourably for their clients.

In today’s litigious society taking disputes through the courts is financially crippling and involves the risk of increasing any liability if your dispute fails.

On our first review of your dispute/claim we will give you the various options available to you, highlighting the risks involved. Complete our fact finding questionnaire and this will give you a free 30 minutes consultation with one of our consultants.

Areas Covered

  • Insolvency. Are you under pressure from creditors, contact one of our debt managers to get a full review of your options.

  • Taxation. Feel you are not getting a fair deal from HMRC; we can look at a variety of methods to reduce your tax bills.

  • Banking. Are your lenders cutting back your facilities, or are they charging you more for doing less! Speak to one of our Lending Consultants to get an update of other sources of finance.

  • Disputes. We deal with disputes between suppliers and customers in all sorts of industries. Utilities companies are aggressive with disputes but have to abide by strict rules before they remove any supply.